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Delloy Pasta Products
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Our egg noodles are made with no additives or preservatives, only basic ingredients: Flour, eggs, water. We make a broad noodle, commonly used for fettucinni, casseroles and soups. We also make a fine noodle, which works wonderful for home-made chicken noodle soup, and also for spaghetti dishes.
delloy pasta whole wheat pasta


Our whole wheat pasta started out as a product that a handful of people requested. Now it is one of our best-sellers. It is a broad noodle made with 100% whole wheat flour, eggs, water and canola oil. It is an excellent choice for eating well and eating healthy.

delloy pasta kielke


Kielke is a traditional Mennonite noodle, very soft and tender. It is typically served alongside Mennonite farmer’s sausage and cream gravy.


delloy pasta soups


The pre-packaged soups are a quick fix for today’s busy families. To make a large steaming pot of soup, you just add water and boil. For those who like the traditional Mennonite flavor, we recommend Delloy Pasta Chicken Noodle Soup. Star aniseed is the secret ingredient. Otherwise, we suggest the Delloy Pasta Chicken Vegetable Soup.


This is our newest undertaking, still under development. The trial run proved spelt pasta to be a delectable option for most who are on a gluton-free diet. Watch the store shelves for this new product coming soon.

-Ancient grain, first cultivated in 5000 BC
-Low gluten content
-Easy to digest
-Often well tolerated by those sensitive to wheat
-more protein and crude fiber than wheat
-special carbs assisting in blood clotting
-stimulates immune system
-contains magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, thiamin and riboflavin
-10%-25% higher protein than wheat

delloy pasta


Whether you need a gift for a good friend, teacher or corporate client, we can make a gift basket to suit your needs. This is truly a unique gift that will bring a smile at any event or occasion.

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